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Caring About Your Hearing Since 1994.

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The Latest In Hearing Technology

Grant's Hearing Center specializes in the latest, most advanced hearing devices to best fit your needs. Stream phone calls to your hearing aids, adjust settings right from your smartphone, or even get a direct feed from the TV to your devices. Not tech savvy? No problem, today's hearing aids have more automatic features than ever to keep things simple and hassle free. Our experienced staff will customize your devices so they work best for you and your lifestyle.


Experienced. Trusted. Proven.

Grant Gording, our experienced and skilled Hearing Aid Dispenser, will provide you with expert hearing care and the latest in digital hearing aids. Beginning with a detailed hearing evaluation, Grant will work with you to meet your hearing goals until you are satisfied. Our customers are our best advertisement, so we encourage you to ask our friends and family about their experience at our hearing center.

A Few Reasons To Consider Hearing Aids


Hearing loss can affect your work and home life as well as your personal safety. Permanent hearing loss can make you feel lonely or depressed or like you have lost your independence. Hearing aids can often help with these issues.

  • Hear the Conversation

    Get fitted for hearing aids and improve the quality of your hearing.

  • Feel Confident Around Friends

    Our staff of hearing aid specialists will help you hear better and feel your best.

  • Clarity of Sound

    We provide the best hearing loss treatment and hearing care services.

  • Easy to Maintain

    We educate our patients on how to take proper care of their hearing aids so they last.

Start Your Path to Better Hearing

Contact Grants Hearing Center today to schedule your FREE, no obligation hearing evaluation to learn how hearing aids and assistive listening devices may help you. Remember, hearing loss does not have to mean loss of meaningful conversations with loved ones or co-workers. Call today and bring back the precious sounds of life.

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“Thank you! We are so pleased with what you did with the hearing aids.”

HelenEugene, OR

Guide to Hearing Aids

Make informed decisions on the purchase of your next hearing aid device!

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