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Cottage Grove location is temporarily CLOSED due to lack of staffing. 
Pre-set Appointments only at this time.  Please call 541-344-4442 to set up an appointment and we are happy to see you.  Masks are currently required.
We hope everyone has managed to stay healthy during the outbreak of COVID 19, and our staff will be taking extra precautions to ensure our clients' safety as we move forward. Eugene 541-344-4442

Eugene - (541) 344-4442 

Caring About Your Hearing Since 1994.

Patient Testimonials

"Thank you, Thank you! We are so pleased with what you did with the hearing aids."

Helen - Eugene, Oregon

"Dear Grant, Just a short note to say thank you for adjusting my hearing aids two weeks ago. They are much improved and I hear everything much better. I very much appreciate your fine service and also your friendship over 14 years. I look forward to knowing you for many more years."

Bob - Pleasent Hill, Oregon

"Hi Grant, Thank you very much for all your efforts over the past few weeks. Everything seems to be working fine now."

David - Eugene, Oregon

"Dear Grant, I am greatly indebted to you for you graciously spending time to help me with the hearing aids. I so much appreciate the new settings which helped me considerably."

Cliff - Veneta, Oregon

"I am so appreciative of Grant and his office. They treated me with kindness and respect. They were never too busy to answer my questions, and believe me, I had plenty! Grant really put me at ease and I felt very comfortable with my purchase. I plan on bringing my father to see Grant for a hearing test very soon."

Joan - Eugene, Oregon

"To the crew of Grant's Hearing Center;

This small “birthday gift” is my expression of gratitude for all that you have done behind the scenes to help correct my hearing loss. Your patience, your friendship and your resolve have been a tremendous encouragement to me. You always go beyond what anyone could expect of a business that attempts to make its clients feel comfortable and appreciated."

Helen - Eugene, Oregon

"Telling people about you and how you take care of your clients is a pleasure for me."

Anna - Eugene, Oregon

"The new hearing aids are super! Thanks so much for your continued excellent service!"

Don & Kathy - Eugene, Oregon

"Thanks again for taking such good care of dad. It’s so good to know there are people like you in our lives (and your service is great too!)."

Deena - Eugene, Oregon


I want to thank you for helping my dad. He has told me over the years how much he liked you and what a great guy you are. He was right. Coming to the hospital and putting a rush on his hearing aids made his day."

Deb - Eugene, Oregon

"Grant and Rosey;

I can’t thank you guys (and Jill) for the amazing care you gave our clients. All of the feedback I have gotten has been very positive. You two are good people, and that’s what is important. Your big hearts and kindness will bless you with many good things. Thank you for your kindness."

Nicole - Eugene, Oregon